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BEDIGHT wall decals are a very modern & elegant way to decorate interiors and change the entire look of your room in the snap of a finger. Easy to apply, BEDIGHT wall stickers are also simple to remove without damaging surfaces or leaving any residue. Just follow the instructions below:

Before installing your wall sticker

  • BEDIGHT wall stickers can be applied on any smooth surfaces, such as flat painted walls, glass, metal, wood...etc. (for instance avoid concrete surfaces, plaster or bumpy skip trowel walls) 
  • Before applying BEDIGHT wall decals, make sure that the surface is dry and free of dust and dirt! If an area is unclean the decal may not stick properly and can peel off over time. The best way is to spray your surface with some cleaner and wipe it clean and dry with a clean cloth. 
  • Before applying a vinyl wall sticker on freshly painted walls, allow at least 2 weeks for the paint to dry!

Wall decals installation
If your vinyl wall decal is fairly large, get a friend to help you set it up! This is not only more convenient but also more fun!

After your wall decal installation
If one day you decide to remove your decorative sticker (and replace it with a brand new BEDIGHT decal, for instance), you can gently peel it off by hand. And don't worry; the vinyl wall decal won't leave any glue residue. If the surface seems delicate and you are afraid of damaging it, blow dry the decal (use blow dryer on heat position): the decal sticker will loosen and peel off easily!

Wall decals Tips & Tricks

  • If you plan on applying your wall decal to a window, a glass surface, or any other flat non-porous area (such as plain metal or plastic), it will stick strongly and right away. For these types of surface, we advise spraying some water onto the surface beforehand (you can use a sponge for instance). This will allow you to re-position the decal if you need to. Once the wall decal is in place, let the surface dry so that the bond is activated. 
  • If you have a large size wall decal to apply, have a friend help you. This can make the application faster :-) Remember: anybody can apply a wall decal. It's easy. However if you don't feel like doing the installation by yourself you can always hire a professional (such as a painter or a wall paper professional). They are accustomed to doing this kind of installation. Please note: BEDIGHT cannot be held responsible for misapplication or damages caused to the product or to the surface during installation or removal process.
  • It is not recommended to store for a too long time unused wall decals. Don't store a wall decal unused in a too warm or a too cold environment
  • If you want to remove a wall decal, simply peel it off gently by hand or use a blow dryer (set heat position). You can use the blow dry technique if the decal to remove is set on a very fragile surface or if you are really afraid to damage your surface. BEDIGHT cannot be held responsible for damages caused by an uncareful removal.

Note: for glow in the dark, whiteboard and chalkboard decals: being a thicker material these decorative stickers use stronger glue that may damage fragile surfaces or recently painted walls. If you plan to remove your decal, we invite you to use the blow dryer technique, or to contact us directly for assistance.

BEDIGHT cannot be held responsible for damages caused during removal.
All vinyls are reusable materials; however it is not recommended to move them around repeatedly, since the sticking back may catch dust and dirt ,and gets less sticky overtime.

Have fun: Setting-up a BEDIGHT wall decal is easy, just take your time and focus on how you want your area to look. For additional info, tips about wall decals and wall stickers, please visit the FAQ SECTION or contact us directly. We will be glad to assist you further.

General instructions on wall stickers

1. White Backing
2. Vinyl Decal
3. Transfer Tape/Transfer Film

Step by step wall appliqués set-up

  1. Lay your BEDIGHT adhesive decal on a hard, flat surface and rub firmly over the wall decal with a squeegee (credit card, rubber spatula...etc.). This will strengthen the bond between the vinyl decal and the transfer tape (this way the vinyl decal won't stay on the white backing when you remove it - see following step)
  2. Remove the white backing, making sure the vinyl decal sticks properly to the transfer tape
  3. Arrange the vinyl sticker on the desired surface. Press the top edge onto the surface and firmly smooth the tape all the way down, avoiding bubbling and wrinkles
  4. Finish the application by rubbing over the entire wall decal with the squeegee in order to remove any air bubbles and activate the bond between the vinyl graphic and the surface
  5. Remove the transfer tape from one corner & slowly roll it along the surface. If part of the wall decal sticks to the tape, simply roll the tape back, press down firmly & continue peeling
  6. Remove any air bubbles by rubbing over the decal with a clean cloth (you can also poke bubbles with a fine needle and then smooth it out). On textured surfaces be sure to rub over the wall decal very firmly! This will ensure a proper bond between the wall decal and the surface, and will prevent it from peeling off over time. This phase is really important to ensure the wall decal will adhere properly to the surface. Bring extra care to this step in any case

Voila! We hope you enjoy your new BEDIGHT vinyl decor!